Video Demonstrations Of The Tesla Model X’s Christmas Light And Music Show Easter Egg

These are two video demonstrations (the first filmed vertically during the day, the second filmed horizontally at night) of the Tesla Model X’s Christmas light and music show Easter Egg (originally released last year I think?). The car produces a choreographed light show to the Trans Siberian Orchestra classic ‘Wizards In Winter’. It even wags its rearview mirrors and flaps its gullwing doors during the performance. How about that! Unfortunately, I can’t afford an $80,000 Tesla with a Christmas light and music show, so I just hung a wreath on the grill of my existing vehicle. “You didn’t hang a wreath, you drove through a bush!” It got the job done, didn’t it?

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Mr Mack, who agrees there’s never been a better time to buy a car because it has a Christmas light show Easter egg.

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