Now You’re Talking My Language: Extreme Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing


This is a crash compilation of Extreme Barbie Jeep Downhill Racing, which is apparently a real thing people participate in on weekends because some people have the power to forget that the world is about to end for long enough to still have a good time. Obviously, I’ve never been invited because I’m a “Negative Nancy” and too busy gathering doomsday supplies to deserve to have fun. Basically racers try to make it to the bottom of a downhill track as quickly as possible in a kiddie car. And they wreck a lot. This is a video of those wrecks. Also, why is the finish line official in the video wearing an inflatable penis costume? Is that in the rules? Did I write the rules? I don’t remember writing the rules but that certainly sounds like me.

Keep going for a video of the next great Olympic sport.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees we should all hit up Toys ‘Я’ Us for kiddie cars and try to let loose and have a little fun this weekend.

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