Amazon Gives Alexa the Ability to Tell Who’s Talking

Amazon is currently leading the market when it comes to speakers with a voice assistant inside. Amazon Alexa is the assistant inside the Echo line of speakers and Amazon has updated Alexa recently. The new update allows Alexa to distinguish between different people speaking.

This new feature means that the speaker can support multiple users and tell which user is speaking based on their voice alone. Since Alexa will know who is talking it allows some pretty cool items to be added to the mix. You can now get your own music list, shopping list, and other personalized content reports Ubergizmo.

Multiple user support is working right now with Flash Briefings, shopping, Amazon Music family plan, Alexa to Alexa voice calling and that is it. Voice recognition doesn’t work for things like Spotify, but support for other apps and skills will come in the future.

Multiple users recognized by their voices is something that Google Home devices have been able to do for a while. Presumably, this functionality is coming to everything with Alexa support, but that is unclear at this time.

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