From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: Move Over, Lightsabers…Meet the LaserSabers!

I was just about to be elated but then found out that there’s an enclosure of some kind… 🙁


Wicked Lasers has created the LaserSaber, which utilizes optical elements, diffuser tubes, and magnets to create waving wands of laser light.

The parts are also interchangeable.

LaserSabers by Wicked Lasers contain a 32″ polycarbonate blade and an aircraft-grade aluminum hilt.

LaserSabers range from about $300 to a whopping $1,000, depending on the model.

View the official video below and see how they work.

**Just like any sword or saber, G.A.S. reminds you to please operate LaserSabers with care and respect and read the instructions.**

[Via GeekTyrant]


from Geeks are Sexy Technology News

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