From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: This is Amazing: LEGO Inception


An academic team project, spanning 12 weeks, representing approx 1000 hours work. This project represented approx 120-160 hours per person, and one quarter of their final semester workload.

All content originated by BA(Hons) VFX : Visual Effects + Concept Design students, Pedrom DADGOSTAR, Hollie PRICE, Jack MILTON, Simon STIRRUP, Sam SERRIDGE, Jack BOSWORTH and Sidney THIBAULT.

A great project people, especially given the challenges the film posed. Fantastic team work, great technical solutions and professional approach throughout.

Rendered on Workstation Specialist’s great WS2610 systems… Including dynamic / particle effects simulations…



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From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: Move Over, Lightsabers…Meet the LaserSabers!

I was just about to be elated but then found out that there’s an enclosure of some kind… 🙁


Wicked Lasers has created the LaserSaber, which utilizes optical elements, diffuser tubes, and magnets to create waving wands of laser light.

The parts are also interchangeable.

LaserSabers by Wicked Lasers contain a 32″ polycarbonate blade and an aircraft-grade aluminum hilt.

LaserSabers range from about $300 to a whopping $1,000, depending on the model.

View the official video below and see how they work.

**Just like any sword or saber, G.A.S. reminds you to please operate LaserSabers with care and respect and read the instructions.**

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From Engadget: PowerA unveils MOGA Bluetooth controller for Android devices, we go hands-on

PowerA unveils Moga Bluetooth controller for Android devices, we go hands-on

PowerA’s best known as a company that crafts controllers and accessories for console gaming systems, but at E3 this year the firm is announcing its first foray into the mobile space: a Bluetooth controller for Android. Called the MOGA, its got dual analog sticks and shoulder buttons, along with a fold-out, spring-loaded center portion that holds phones of all sizes in place while you get your game on — not unlike Gametel’s controller we saw at CES. The front of the device is glossy black plastic, while the rear is swathed in rubber, with ribbed portions on the grips to keep it firmly in hand.

A companion app, available for free through the Google Play store, is also a part of the Moga experience. Called the MOGA Pivot app, it scans your phone for games compatible with the controller, lists them, and lets you launch them direct from the app. Not only that, it’ll periodically update the games list as new games are acquired and it’ll download patch kits automatically for existing games as they become compatible with the controller. Additionally, it’s got a store (powered by Google Play) that’ll let users download new compatible games, and titles in the Play Store will have a badge to let folks know which games work with Moga. Currently, the company has 14 games on board — including Duke Nukem 3D, Virtua Tennis Challenge and Sonic CD — and are in talks with some other big publishers, so more titles will be supported in the coming weeks and months. We got a sneak peek at the MOGA ahead of E3 and talked with the folks from PowerA about their newest bit of kit, so join us after the break for our impressions.


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