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From Ars Technica: EA: The Old Republic has lost nearly 25% of its subscribers since March

It looks like the analysts were right in their suspicions that EA and Bioware’s The Old Republic MMO is already losing subscribers just a few months after its late 2011 launch. In an earnings report issued today, EA announced that … Continue reading

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From Ars Technica: Google guilty of infringement in Oracle trial; future legal headaches loom

In what could be a major blow to Android, Google’s mobile operating system, a San Francisco jury issued a verdict today that the company broke copyright laws when it used Java APIs to design the system. The ruling is a partial … Continue reading

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From Engadget: Amtrak readies conductors to trade in their hole punchers for iPhones

Pilots aren’t the only ones updating their workflows with modern technology. Amtrak conductors have been getting schooled on how to use iPhones to scan passenger tickets on select routes since November — forcing hole punches to collect dust on a … Continue reading

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From Popular Science – New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: South Korea Targets Smuggled Capsules of Human Flesh

What the…?!  Really?!!!  And don’t try to just stop at blaming the crazy Chinese folks… blame also the ones that create the demand… the Koreans in this case!! ==================================================== Unmarked Pills No telling what’s in there. Psychonaught via Wikimedia South … Continue reading

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From The UberReview: One Wheel Electric Micro-Cycle Requires Less Than 1.21 Jiggawatts

Straight out of an 80′s flick comes the RYNO Micro-Cycle: A one-wheeled, electric motorcycle that is set to revolutionize the scooter industry.  You may have thought you wanted a Vespa to get around the overpriced metropolis you live and work in, … Continue reading

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From Kotaku: Child Soldier Goons are Being Undone by Video Games

The thugs in charge of recruiting kids for use in bloody African wars are finding their efforts are being hampered in Somalia. Not through the direct actions of the government or the UN, but because kids now have enough things … Continue reading

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From Kotaku: The Avengers Spelled a Game Company’s Name Wrong, Reveals the Worst Job in Hollywood

If you’ve seen The Avengers, you’ll know there’s a mildly awkward moment where, of all games, Galaga is mentioned, then actually shown. Aside from coming across as an advertisement, it’s short, and it’s relatively harmless. More »     from Kotaku

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