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From Wired Top Stories: Samsung Galaxy S III Tracks Your Eyes, Knows When You’re Ready to Call

After months of speculation, Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone is here. It has a massive touchscreen and a quad-core CPU, but its most noteworthy features tie into human behavior prediction — seriously.   from Wired Top Stories

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From Business and financial news – CNNMoney.com: Spirit Air to charge up to $100 for carry-on bags

Spirit Airlines will raise its fee for carry-on bags to up to $100, becoming the first U.S. airline to charge so much for a service that most other airlines offer for free. from Business and financial news – CNNMoney.com

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From Autoblog: Rumormill: Next Subaru WRX to use electric turbocharger?

Filed under: Performance, Technology, Subaru, Rumormill Subaru has been trying to figure out the direction for its three-headed monster, as the Impreza and its WRX and WRX STI variants have grown increasingly at odds over the past two generations. Now … Continue reading

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From News: With Chen’s Fate Uncertain, Online ‘Dark Glasses’ Campaign Continues

Hundreds of people who are concerned about his safety have uploaded photos of themselves wearing sunglasses — a show of solidarity with the Chinese activist, who is blind and is normally seen in dark glasses. The campaign keeps building.   … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: Ketchup Used to Be Made of Fish: The Crazy History of The World’s Greatest Condiment

Here’s something that might just blow your mind: ketchup—the national condiment of 1896, according to the New York Tribune—wasn’t always tomato based. In fact, if it had remained in its early form, we might be spreading fish paste on our … Continue reading

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From Popular Science – New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: In Successful Test, Microsubmarines Help Clean Up Oil Spills

Oil-Cleaning Microsubs Guix et al/ACS Nano These microsubs could also patrol your bloodstreamTiny, self-propelled microsubmarines could pick up and tote droplets of oil away from contaminated waters, according to a new study. The cone-shaped objects are extremely water-repellent, improving their … Continue reading

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From Gizmodo: Very Little Jogging Can Make Your Life Much, Much Longer

You probably go jogging because it makes you less fat and it is less humiliating than being yelled at through a 60-minute spinning class. But according to a new examination of the Copenhagen City Heart study, jogging less than two … Continue reading

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