Brain Working Overtime

I have been busy with work past two months.  Last week, more things culminated to the point where I was having hard time figuring some stuff out.  It had to do with understanding different … assumptions.  Needless to say, I left last Friday unfinished and unresolved.

Indirectly and directly, I kept thinking about the issues at hand and tried to make sense of what the differences were and how it should be addressed.  (Sorry for such abstract words but it is proprietary project) My brain functioned more indirectly than direct as lots were happening that weekend.  However, by the end of the weekend, I had finally understood how to address the differences and begun to understand what changes needed to be entailed.

I was rather surprised at how human brains can still work in “background” mode (you Linux nerds may get a chuckle out of that one!) and still manage to process the work while immersed in other activities fully.

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