Recent Thoughts on What a Church Should Be

None of us are perfect.  Even after being Christians.  Actually, let me correct myself…  Especially, after becoming Christians.  So I was naturally more and more disappointed to find out that we are even less and less tolerant of those that are not Christians, let alone being different.   After all, that’s exactly the same groups that Jesus warned us NOT to be like – the Pharisees!

However, we become more and more reclusive people that only accept “clean” people.  Today’s Sunday school was about how God accepts and loves EVERYTHING about us.  Yet, we as church, seem to require that people change before we come to God’s church to grow and receive Him.  Jesus often compared Himself as a doctor who came to heal the sick.  That would imply that the people were still not saved.  Yet, over 2000 years, we somehow changed to allowing “pre-requisites”.  We want “decent” people only… if we lack any skills, be it social or intellectual, if we lack any riches or economic standing, we don’t seem as receptive.

I say the more screwed up we are, the more we need Christ in our lives!  That can only happen if we receive all those that enter God’s doors just as they are!  Is that too much to ask?!  Is that too crazy to demand of?!