Saving Connor

Sue and Connor

That’s Sue, Connor’s mom (my cousin-in-law)…

No it’s not about the Terminator series… rather, it’s a personal request.

You see, my cousin Steve has a 5-year-old son, Connor.  He has a rather rare condition called X-linked hyper IGM. This clinical sounding disease is a devastating immuno-deficiency. The 1 in a million diagnosed usually succumb to liver cirrhosis or lung infection at an early age, the lucky few may survive into their mid-20’s.

So he needs a matching bone marrow donor to cure this condition.  So I have started, on their behalf with their permission, a Facebook fan page called Saving Connor in my nephew (technically first cousin, once removed)‘s honor in order to:

  • Help spread awareness of Asians’ lack of registering on the bone marrow donor listing
  • To get people registered, especially Koreans, to help find a matching donor

So please join the bone marrow registry. You can register online at or (use promo code TeamConnor) – it takes 10 minutes to join.

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