Anna’s Second Birthday

So on a positive note, upon coming back from work, my wife tells me the best news I can hear!  That our duaghter, Anna received Christ at school that day!  Before you freak out what kind of public school allows this, it is an after-school program called “Good News Club” that meets every Wednesday at her shcool.

And I must say, they must have done an awesome job!  So we celebrated her “second” birthday by giving thanks… it will be somewhat easier to remember this day since it’s our pastor’s birthday.  Oh on that note, happy birthday again Pastor Shawn!  😀

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  1. yay anna! hi-fives to you! and kudos to you & soojin. yes, the club played a role, but having good parents is always key.

    [butt slap]

    [clarify…peter butt slap]

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