WordPress 2.9.1 Boo

Well, I do love me my WordPress, the free blogging software.  It has been awesome for me ever since I decided to blog… however, upgrading has been…  less than ideal…

Last night was a prime example.  Either the “Upgrade” tool or “InstantUpgrade” plug-in would usually take care of this process… however, trying to go from 2.8.5 to 2.9.1, neither of them worked…  so what did I decide to do?  Upload directly to the site via good ol’ FTP.  Well, when I did, I got the following error message….


So I was upsql_version until wee hours going back to 2.8.5.  Sure it was my fault for not checking it to be compatible.. but it would’ve been nice if such key requirements were more visible…  *HINT HINT*  😉

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