Cold War 2: The Return of … USSR?!

Source: Gizmodo

CNN article

I wonder if Russia thinks we all need the Cold War back in order to return the world economy to normalcy.  I sure hope not, but these long range bombers that they will “place” in Cuba and Venezuela sure seem like it’s back!!  What the hell are they thinking?!

But it’s also rumored that the Russian president is doing this to see how our new president would react, as many seem to think he will be a pushover.  Hate these power struggles…  “My gun is bigger than yours” crap.   I sure hope it’s just a bluff!  >.<

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  1. Unfortunately I do not believe that this is just about “my gun is bigger than yours” stuff.

    Russia is in a sorry state, especially demographically. There are more abortions than live births each year in Russia. Russian male life expectancy is in the 50s and the birth rate is like 1.2. They are also bordered by some not necessarily friendly nor stable countries to their south – the ‘stan’ countries. They have over 20 million un-assimilated Muslims (remember the Moscow theater and Beslan massacres) as well as many other not very friendly ethnic minorities.

    I think this is more a tactic to get some wiggle room so that Russia can focus on their near abroad – such as Ukraine, Georgia, etc. – without too much interference from the US. Especially when there is a new administration coming in.

    Just my hypothesis.

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