Electric or Manual Shaver?

Gizmodo has a poll out….

So do you use electric or manual shaver? I use manual ones with replaceable blades. I know my dad and my brother both use electric… I just never gotten used to or liked the electric ones. Disposable ones have always been too crude and rough on your face. But the manual ones with replaceable blades have always been the best compromise, I feel…

What say you?

EDIT: To clarify Carlton’s point, no, I wasn’t referring to the old fashioned long blade.  I mean the newer multi-blade manual shavers.  😀

2 Replies to “Electric or Manual Shaver?”

  1. I think you are talking about the long blade type….that the barber sharpens on the leather strap before using. Those are nice. I hear you have to keep those soaking in alcohol to sterilize the blade well…else bad things can build up on the edge.

  2. those long blade razors scare me. One of the ways I would hate to die would be to get sliced in the neck by one of those things.

    I remember my grandfather using it. Peter, if you did used those, you would be a braver man than I. 🙂

    Anyway, mach 3 is good enough for me, if I have the time and really want a close shave such as in Sunday mornings, otherwise, I use my electric during the work week.

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