Best Gadget of the Year: P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter

I have found my Gadget of the Year! 😮 What is it? A small company called P3 has made a device that measures how much watts any device uses when plugged into it. It’s called Kill A Watt, and appropriately so!

For only $15, I found out how much power everything uses… even when it’s OFF! Yes, friends and family, even when it’s turned off, devices still suck out power. For instance, I found out using this device that my TV and DVD player along with the PS2 and my laptop, uses 40W of power when off. The church laptop uses that much when plugged in!

I plugged in my vacuum and no surprise, it uses 1600W! Yikes! But what was the biggest surprise was that my coffee maker uses 1000W!! It must be that hot plate but dang! Lesson learned? Drink the coffee soon as it’s made, and TURN IT OFF! This device will help me to figure out what devices need to be unplugged and what is ok to leave it plugged in, what to turn off as soon as it’s done, etc. Electricity bills are high already… get yourself one to save money!

3 Replies to “Best Gadget of the Year: P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter”

  1. Hmmm wonder what it would say if you could attach it to your washer or dryer (well mine is gas so it would not work for me) or if you attach it to your ac. Check it out if you can and report back to me: go make it so.

  2. Ok… we have a rather old washing machine… it sucked up “only” about 700W at peak! 🙂 However, the microwave, again a bit old, took 1400W! Yikes!

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