Feeling very crappy

Well, I guess I couldn’t stay away from sickness….  starting Monday, I started to have a runny nose, which later became a full-blown out sickness.  I have had fever, body ache, and severe coughing.  Blah indeed…

So I went to some of the clinics, an even without insurance, my visits were always about $12!  But socialistic tendencies must have price ’cause the doctors were very straight to the point, and no personal touch whatsoever!

Not to mention that each visit I had gone, once to Internal Medicine, another this morning to ENT doctor, both ended with shots to the butt!  🙁  It has been more than 20 years since I had shots on the butt!  I don’t know why Koreans insist on that.

Soojin will be visiting an ENT specialist to see about her BPPV later today.  Please pray that her condition will improve.  I would just hate to leave her here while she’s still sick.  There’s evidently a set of head rotating exercises that is supposed to improve the condition.

On similar note, I don’t know why we are facing such huge sicknesses… it’s not like I’m good enough to be compared to Job.  But trying to remind ourselves that God has a reason for all this madness is the only thing that gets me through.

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