Sunday Recap

So on Sunday, after attending my in-laws’ church (way too big… friggin’ 8 floors!!), we hung out at, of all places, Pizza Hut!!  In Korea!!  LOL…  Soojin wanted Korean flavor to pizza… basically less salty.  And actually, it was decent!

After that, we went out and the kids wanted to do this bungy jumping!  O_o

Anna just loooved it!!  And of course, so did JJ!!

After that, we hung out at the central park and rode motorcycle!  Cool part?  They were battery powered!  Awesome… ’cause there were about 50 to 100 of these roaming around the park!

And even Soojin got a chance to ride!  Even if it was only for a minute!

And then hung out with Jyoung Ah and Ji Youn chatting away and hanging out.

And to think that I knew them since their freshmen year in college!!

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