Saturday Recap

In the morning, we met up with Soojin’s ?? (hoobae, meaning a fellow student that enrolled after you) Hisu at CoEx Mall.  While waiting for her, we just hung around the mall area…  one thing I noticed is a coffee place that had the same name as my ex co-worker, Joe Pascucci.

And I’ve heard that the pho had become popular in Korea, but this was ridiculous!  This place was part of a food court!!  I didn’t even bother checking out the taste!  Maybe I should’ve for Chrisitine’s sake!  😛  NOT!

The kids seemed to enjoy the new experience… but only for an hour or so, after which, both grew tired… physically.  My thighs are still sore from all the walking around!!

Soojin soaking it in…

And me looking tired and worn out from all the walking… and sooo many people!!!

That’s Hisu on the left.

Anna and JJ looking like pros but just waiting for daddy’s coffee to be done so that they could get their ice cream!  😀

Walking around the CoEx Mall looking for places…

This was a typical crowd given at anywhere in the mall!! After seeing her, we went to ?? ??? (Olympic Stadium) subway exit, at which was a junior/senior high school that my ?? ?? (youngest aunt mom’s side)
worked at.  We met up with her to drive together to my ?? ?? (second aunt)’s place.  They lived on way south of Seoul.  The apartment was really nice and brand new.  Both the 2nd aunt and uncle had retired and they had picked up some art as their hobbies.  Well, my aunt picked up clay pot making and uncle was into oil painting.  Here are some of their nice works.

After a very nice home cooked meal, we had some nice dessert that my cousins (from my youngest aunt) had brought.  It was called “redmango”.

Getting a similar vibes?  Fans of frozen yogurt stuff should recognize how similar it seems to our own Berripop and LA’s popular Pinkberry!  Why?  ‘Cause this is the one that supposedly started it all in from the motherland!

The taste wasn’t too bad… it was smoother tasting and not so tart or sweet.

And this is their motto… “?? ????” which translates to “Let’s love myself”.  Korea has picked up on self-focused customer-oriented aspect of American consumerism!  🙁  But it was tasting so good!!

The group picture.  On the back, from the left, is my cousin, Choong, Anna, youngest aunt, second aunt, second uncle, and in the front row holding JJ is my cousin Sun, also from youngest aunt.  Missing are two cousins: Yong from the same aunt who was working still despite being a Saturday evening, and Hye-bok, from my second aunt.  My youngest aunt gave us a ride back to my brother-in-law’s place and that was a two-hour ride!  Yikes.

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  1. how is it that you still manage to look more FOBy than everyone else??? i guess from their perspective you’re still the one that’s “Fresh Off”


    kids look like they’re having a blast. thank goodness for JJs hair!

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