Sore from Wii

Past Saturday was John Suh‘s b-day party hosted by his significant other, none other than Christine.  So when I went over there, after some food, they brought out Wii.  I have only dabbed into it only a couple of times.  This time around, I got to try it more extensively.

First game was playing boxing with John.  You had to hold both controllers and jab at the screen as there is a sensor bar that senses your motion.  Quite a nifty idea actually.  After losing badly to him, I tried tennis.  I tend to get into the games and so I naturally played with hand motions to match the actual tennis.  Funny enough, after a bit of playing, I started sweating!  :O  Christine kept saying how I will be sore the next day but just kept on playing bowling and what not.

Sure enough, starting Sunday morning, my shoulder began to be rather sore!  I couldn’t believe that Wii made my arm sore!  It still is today!!  Man, I’m out of shape…

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