The Pursuit of Happyness: Personal Review

I’ve been afraid of many things before… and weirdly enough, watching this movie is in that same place.  Wondering why?  It’s because I can see myself in that same place.  Losing everything, having nothing going right, and having to sacrifice just about anything so that he could provide.  For his son.

I cried practically from the get go of the movie.  I felt and saw every bit of this man’s struggles and heart tearing life… The last 5 minutes of the movie… was the best tear jerker in my life.  Fatherhood is something no man should ever think lowly of… he sure didn’t.

I can only pray that I can be that committed to my family and our well being.  I don’t own a home.  Life may be hard but I have a family to be thankful for… roof over our heads, food to eat.  Watch this movie … to understand the heart of a father.

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