How do you work so late??!

For the personal record, I had to work 10.5 hours today! 😮 For some, it’s not that unusual. But see, for me, that’s very very very rare. How rare? Very rare. Like my steak, it’s rare. 😛 Why? Even from my high school years, I decided that I would not be a workaholic and not spend most of my time at work, and lose the time with the precious family.

So for the past 9+ years of working, I have avoided jobs that require too long of hours, too much effort, and responsibility. Don’t misunderstand me. I do my job and give it my best. But I deliberately didn’t want to (and still don’t) be a manager. Way too much politics aside, management not only requires much time and effort, but also much ass-kissing. Yeah, you read that right here. 😛

However, raising kids is expensive. 🙁 So one needs to make more money. Cars are not functioning well either. So one tries to get a better paying job (trust me, rocket scientists definitely don’t get paid). But seeing how I got home close to 8 pm, I barely had an hour with the kids. My cousin used to put in 100+ hours a week and slept at work! 😮 How does one put in so much?! Is it worth all that money?

My kids are already 3 and 5. Anna goes to Kindergarten this fall. JJ is so cute and so energetic. Time flies too quickly. I swore to myself that I would not be a workaholic or too focused on money. I still remember when JJ was a baby… that moment passed so fast!

I don’t want to miss my kids’ growing up. It’s been hard and busy at work. But I can’t see myself working this late for the most of my life! Even four to five hours a day with my family isn’t enough! But one?! Shiiiiiiteeee! I think I will just keep on driving my jalopy and and keep on living in our apartment. 😀 (Please no comments about how it’s a waste of money and should invest in a house. That’s another post!)

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