JJ’s “interesting” habits

We all have strange habits.  I bite my lip skin off when they start to chap.    Anna loves her “touching blanket”.   She loves to sleep ON it.  She likes to feel all that oddity popping out on the top of the blanket.  Soojin likes to take the scabs off her heel. 

My son is no exception.  Most of know of his sleeping habit … of having to touch our rings on our fingers when he is sleepy or is about to sleep.  It’s kinda cute… until your fingers start hurting.  Still cute.  Well, I noticed another strange habit of his today.  Quite strange but cute.  On our way to the Bible study at Formosan Church, to keep them awake (so they can sleep on the way back and not be wide awake!), I let them watch their favorite cartoon shows (mainly cycle between Dora, Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the Backyardigans.  Well, he must’ve been extra tired because he still fell asleep watching his favorite Thomas.  Then I noticed it.  I didn’t see any of his hands!    Almost worried, I searched a bit only to realize that he put his hands behind his back!  Odd, I thought.

Well, today as he sleeps at home, I noticed that he puts his hands underneath him as he slept.  Oddly, Soojin had to move him and as soon as she lay him down, he slid his hands under the pillow!  I guess he likes to keep his hands warm.  Cute kid.  Great moment.  He’s something. 

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