Working for government can be stressful

So with the OMS pod blanket damage, we’ve been super busy delivering all kinds of data, querying CFD solutions like there’s no tomorrow! Today was no different as a NASA customer requested for dynamic pressures at four corner points of the affected thermal blanket. Well, some …. difficulties arose. Provided points of interests were … to keep things simple, conflicting. And my lead engineer was almost panicking thinking that the data I acquired from the solutions for Mach 4 was… not so kosher. So we were putting lots of time to make sure and understand that the values I was providing were “reasonable”.

Time came to deliver the data just before I had to leave to go home so Soojin could go to work. Well, the NASA customer responded very fast with his estimates of the data! 😮 I freaked. I felt like I was taking something like SAT test or something of that significance!! When we finally compared the data, and saw hoe the two agreed very well, you wouldn’t believe my sense of relief!! Whew!! 😀 I was just feeling like a 5 tons of burden was lifted from my back! 😛 But it sure is stressful working for a government civil servant!

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