Enjoying the little things in life

Reflecting on how JJ and Anna play and what makes them happy reminds me of this topic.  Those two are so full of life that it’s a joy (and painful due to loud noises they produce! ) to see them happy and play.  Yet, it’s the simple things that make them happy.  Eating anything from cereal to p&b sandwiches for breakfast to “jjoo-jjoo-bah” and juice.  Sleeping and playing in guitar case, to making a bed out of sofa cushions.  Their take on life is just so refreshing.  And remembering how expressive and animated JJ is confirms again and again that I need to enjoy the simpler (and smaller) things of life.  Life stops for no one.  So I’m gonna just enjoy the life that God has blessed me with and not worry (at least try hard!) about finances or jobs or whatever tries to get stuck in my head.  Why?  ‘Cause I won’t have today to enjoy tomorrow.  Don’t live to regret things.

Carpe diem!

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