Two funny things and two funny people


So after dinner today, we let the kids bike around and we noticed that the clouds were moving rather fast.  So Anna asks the following question to invoke the conversation.

Anna: Why are the clouds moving so fast, daddy?
Me:  They must be in a hurry.
Anna: No… the wind is blowing fast!

I cracked up soooo hard~!!!! 


I’m playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior online and to some quick enemy presence, I yelled “Holy Crap!” 
At first, she thought that crap is not holy… but after some thoughts, she says, “Crap is holy!  … Jesus was human and he pooped… so his crap is holy,… right?!”    I just blasted out laughing!!  Holy crap, indeed!!! 

Two funny people that made my day….

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