Soojin’s Naturalization & The Longest Day

So today was THE DAY for Soojin… she is now an American! 
Please send her your regards… she can now moan and complain about the politicians like we do!! 
So what made today one of the Longest Day for me?
Here’s the recap…

1. Get up at 5:30 am to drive the family to Cyfair area in this horrid cold rain!
2. Traffic near the area is horrendous as nearly 2000 naturalized citizens and family showed up!
3. We left at 11…
4. Caught lunch at Pappadeaux near Gessner… way too salty dirty rice & blackened catfish! 
5. Drove to Social Security Services branch in Pasadena and waited two hours in the car while she was waiting.
6. Got back home to Clear Lake and dropped the family off.
7. Took my ol’ Honda to Nick’s place for oil change & state inspection.
8. Went to Verizon store ’cause my i730 PDA phone touchscreen decided to go AWOL on me.
9. Got home at 6:30 pm.
10. Went to Bible study at Formosan Church in west side
11. Got back home at 10:30 pm

Whew!  I’m exhausted… and the phone not wanting to work with me didn’t help either…  Good night…

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