Man down!!

So I got home from work… and after dinner, I played with them for a bit.  As we played, we started to talk about what JJ liked to play with.  I nailed it down.  Cars, trains, planes, and boats and such.  Guess what Anna says… she starts with dolls and then… she shouts out…  “I like new clothes!!” 

And then… they re-discovered the green bucket we got from Wal-Mart while back… so I decided to be the “green bucket monster” by putting it over my head.  So I was chasing them down… not much of a chase really… as I couldn’t see jack for anything!  After chasing, I got to the doorway of my kids’ room.  I felt the hallway ending and slowly felt my way into the room.  Then, BAM!!  Anna shuts the door on me and my two fingers (mid and 4th) get squashed!! 

I was in pain…. bit of swelling and my bones may have been in pain…  man down.  Oh well…  it was all still worth it though… 

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