I got stolen today… :(

Man…. I go to the mall for less than half hour and I come back to my car only to find out that my bag was stolen!    I lost my beloved Creative Zen MP3 player…   My earphones… but the worst part:  my checkbook!! 

Now, I had to put a call out on a range of check numbers to be voided… and only worse, I have to close this account eventually and then open up a new one.  Why?  ‘Cause you only need routing number and checking account number to pay for all kinds of stuff online!! 

Man… this is just not my day… I go to the mall for once for a good ’cause (to buy Soojin’s Fifth Year Anniversary!).    So I’m out roughly $200 for my stuff lost and who-knows-what on the checking account…

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  1. Hello,son-that was really a bad accident.Hope there
    is no same accident again.I am really sorry to hear that .

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