Upcoming Intel CPU: Conroe, finally killing AMD?!

Hmm… it’s been a few months but ever since Intel released its plans for this year to release a new breed of CPUs, under codename of Conroe, the markets and the enthusiasts have been just talking up a storm!

Just ask any fanboys of either AMD or Intel camps and it’s been the talk of the town!  Based on 65-nm technology, with built-in dual core and sharing 4 MB(!!) of cache, it sure sounds like a [Athlon64] killer!  At this past CES, it beat an OC’ed Athlon FX running at 2.8 GHz (while Intel’s Conroe was running at modest 2.7 GHz!)…

The excitement is there as a fellow enthusiast.  Intel sure seems to want to make itself a definite king of the CPUs this year as it also released ULTRA cheap ($133) dual core Intel D 805!  If you didn’t know, the next cheapest dual core comes from AMD X2 3800+ at close to $300!  That’s a huge price gap!  The downside is that it is a huge heat furnace!  But we are talking $133 here!  *GASP*

While AMD plans on releasing a new (just updated verion of Socket 939) AM2 socket, no real enthusiast is… well, enthusiastic!  😛  Just basically adding DDR2 memory support doesn’t buy anything for us, the fanatics of computer hardwares.  Could AMD be really toppled over? 

It all depends on two things:  1. What will the pricing be on these Conroes?!  Will they be more than $1000?!!  Hopefully for Intel’s sake, not.  2. What does AMD have behind their sleeves?  If anything, this should just heat up the competition and fuel the race.  Go AMD!  😛

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