Bittersweet Change

Well, it’s a bittersweet month or something!

After my sharing about the bittersweet parenthood, I am sharing yet another bittersweet event in my life.  Of all things, I am parting with someone (or something) that I have been together with since I have been in high school… What in the world am I talking about?!  It’s my auto insurance company, State Farm.

It is rather true about brand loyalty.  I have been with them for my auto insurance for almost 20 years!  Sure I started under my parents’ coverage when I was in high school but I have since moved on… and while they haven’t treated me all that badly, their rates have not gone down.

Ok, so I do have an accident from July 2005 under my belt that is labeled as my fault (even though that is not the case and will hold onto that till I die!) and my wife’s accident from November 2008 is not her fault.  Yet our rates have not gone down.  If anything, it has slowly crept its way up.

When I went home for the holidays, I was rather suprised to find out that both my parents and my brother had switched from State Farm!  😮  I thought they had retained the same insurance over the years!  So after I recovered from my shock, I looked online and over the phone, got some rates to compare with.  Full coverages on both of our cars, both Geico and AAA quoted about $600 per year below State Farm price!  That is with renters’ insurance as well.

So after much reluctance (trust me, I was just as suprised as you were about how loyal I was to State Farm! and trust me, I do have at least one bitter story to tell but will save that for another time), I decided to switch.  And for the record, I am switching to AAA only because my parents have that and my co-workers seem to have good experience with them.  What finally won me over?  This question…

Is my loyalty to State Farm worth $600 per year?!  You know the answer to that one… 🙂

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