Chrysler Burning the Bridges

CNN Money Article

It’s one thing to cut your losses but it’s totally another to burn the bridges in the process.  I swear that when financial folks are involved, they take the humanity out of the process!  So we all knew that GM, Ford, and Chrysler were planning on cutting off a slew of dealerships throughout the country but there’s a right way to do it and then there’s a wrong way.

GM did things decently at least.  They gave out the notice in October and gave them decent amount of time to close out their stores.  Chrysler, however, have been less than helpful.  They gave only 30 days to sell off the cars and parts!  Many that were told to close ended up losing a lot of money due to time constraint.

GM seemed to go through arbitration process at decent pace bringing back some of the dealerships.  Chrysler however made the process expensive and with no guarantees that dealers that were shut down seemed to refuse to even consider the arbitration.

Where’s the decency in that Chrysler?!  Chrysler is not learning.  They don’t seem to realize that bad news travels way faster than good news.  Now that the people know how Chrysler treated the dealerships by burning the bridges, I am fairly certain that the consumers will have even more bitter taste in their mouth and stay further away from them when their pockets and auto needs meet.  Seriously, nobody seems to look at long-term effects anymore…  Sheesh…

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