Dilemmas: Presidential Election 2008

Man… I don’t know who to vote for this time around!

My liege to the Reps has been long dwindling with Bush jr.’s poor choices and performance.  The killer was his denying that we are not in a recession!  WTH?!  Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to pay for gas and rising food cost!  😡  So anyhow, I was doubtful of it…

Then decent looking candidate arose, and his name was Ron Paul!  But alas, despite my vote for him, he lost.  🙁  Then McCain won.  Don’t get me started on him!  The deal breaker was finding out that he and his aides were behind supporting EADS in earning the $40 billion air tanker deal from Air Force!  😡  😡

And then there are the Dems!  Oh where do I start?!  Hilary?!!  Poo ha ha ha!!  And last time I heard, she’s on the losing streak… and Obama?  His very nature and sense of who he is just… bothers me!  No one can be THAT nice!  Let me rephrase that… No politician can be that nice!  And he just seems too… inexperienced… not to mention that he will kill the space program!

Oh the sheer dilemmas!!  🙁  Ron, why did you lose, Ron?!!  This is going to be a tough year… and tough 4 years after that!!!  God help us all!!