The New Bond Movie: Quantum of Solace

I like the new Bond… he’s a ninja with mad skillz! Ok, really, I like his darker character and the portrayal of more realistic scenarios. And the guy plays his role exceptionally well! Well, the new Bond movie is coming out! And it’s gonna be called “Quantum of Solace”!?! What the… Anyway, this should be good!

Getaway Trip to Austin

So since I had free time and being more flexible, I decided to head up to Austin to see some friends I hadn’t seen in years!

I got hold of Minkyung who was visiting her mom in Kileen, and went to see her.  She is now a mother of two!  😮  Her one-year-old daughter was sleeping so she came out with just her 4-year-old daughter.  She is very cute and looks and acts just like her mom.

After that, I came down to have dinner with two Young Nak members:  Taeyoung and Sungsoo.  Taeyoung is still as well-behaved as ever… and still calls me “ah-juh-ssi”!  LOL.  I suppose I deserve that since she’s 20!  😛  Sungsoo, who is now 23, was becoming a very thoughtful man.  For those that know him, I knew him when he was in high school and has always had attitude with him.  So I was very pleasantly shocked to find out he’s been teaching Sunday school, taking kids on mission trips and such.  God does do miracles after all!!  LOL…

Then, I went to visit the newlywed, Sunhee.  It happened that Chancety was in town as well, so I got to see those … along with Sunhee’s wife.  It was good just hanging out and catching up.  I was just glad to see him doing well…

Then thanks to Joe John, I had a place to sleep for the night!  😀  After church at good ol’ AKPC, I had lunch with Young Ji, young Hwa, and Hakbum, and good ol’ time catching up on everyone…

Afterwards, I tried to see if I could visit Daniel and Amanda but they were busy.  But thankfully, Karen noona and her family were free!  So I went to visit them in south Austin and had good time catching up sharing about everything from raising kids to Korean culture.

I realized that it really isn’t that far from PS’ house to Austin!  It’s only a little over 2 hours!  And I wasn’t even speeding!!  Anyhow, I hadn’t seen some of these people for 5 years!  When I visit Dallas, I will be seeing people that I hadn’t seen in longer time than that!!  Yikes!