Visiting My Belated Grandparents’ at Namwon

On Wednesday, we visited my late grandfather’s home in Namwon.

Now, my eldest uncle owns and runs the farm.  In fact, for a bit, we had to go gather some firewood!

They also own 8 cows along with some farm land…

After that, we headed out to the city to meet up with my cousin, Jung Hwan, and he treated us to “crab stew”.  After which, he took us to a place dedicated to Korean version of Romeo & Juliet, aka. “Choon Hyang Jun“.

And yes, you will notice that I have no grey hair!  😛  Dyeing hair in Korea is as cheap as $10!  Cha-ching!

You can find more pictures on my flickr account.  The next morning, we visited my great-grandparents’ and grandparents’ graves.

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