Update on Soojin’s Status

So once we got back from Namwon (my late grandfather’s home), we were hanging out and resting and planning… when all of a sudden, upon Soojin’s return from an interview, she complained of dizziness.  She went to bed early.

However, when she woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday morning, she wanted to be rushed to ER and she was debilitated and beyond capable of standing up.  After calling 119 (Korean version of 911), ambulance came in 5 minutes!  I was impressed!  What impressed me even more was the fact that ambulance ride was FREE!!

She spent the next 4 hours or so at Yesu (Jesus) Hospital and was diagnosed with what is known as “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo“.  It basically immobilizes you by messing up your “ear stones” that help your balance.  When she returned, she was in major agonizing pain and suffering.  Imagine being stuck in a 50-mph merri-go-round for continous time!  🙁  She threw up pretty much everything.  And when she couldn’t even keep water down, we had to hospitalize her for IV to keep her hydrated.

Another impressive thing?  ER bill was $400!  Shoot… if our State-side of medical bills were of that caliber!  And she was hospitalized for day and half which, without insurance, only cost $150.  Perhaps social health care isn’t so bad.  When she returned home, she’s been bedridden since and slowly recovering.

She isn’t throwing up anymore.  She drinks water and porridge and is able to keep them down.  She can slowly walk herself.  But two things I learned is that:

  1. This condition can come back anytime once you have it
  2. Recovery can take as long as several months

So please pray for quicker recovery and that it wouldn’t come back.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and concerns.  While it wasn’t desirable to spend our long overdue vacation being sick and all, we believe it’s for a reason.  At least, the kids are handling it well…  watching loads of cartoons and loading up on awesome (but bad for you) snacks!!  😛

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  1. whoa.. glad she’s doing better and that the bill wasn’t an arm and a leg.. but scary! give her a hug for me!!

  2. Peter,

    I have not read the later posts yet. I’ve had this condition twice. There is a manuever that fixes it.

    Search “BPV manuever” or “Epley manuever”.

    I paid like $110 for the treatment at an eye/ear/nose/throat specialist. The worst part is after the treatment you have to remain upright for 24 hours (sleep is a chair with pillows to keep you head from moving).

    Everything will be okay.

    I thought I had something very serious, like I was about to die even. The Doc said often times it goes away on it’s own, but offered the manuever as a quick fix. I opted for the manuever the first time. The second time was not as severe (the first time I could not get up) and I just did my best not to make any fast turning movements and it went away in a few days.

    Hope this helps,

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