Woe #1:Update/Resolution

Well, so I found some time to resolve Woe #1.  I headed down to NTB (National Tire and Battery) and told them of my “story”.  Well, the store manager wasn’t around…  well, pooooop to ya too!    So I came back around 2 pm Saturday…

He was finally in.  After the story being retold, the store manager wanted to re-check the alignment.  So I let him.  He said that nothing has changed since they had a shot at it.  He then thought that Ash really didn’t do an alignment!    The nerve!  He thought that maybe Ash just switched out the tires and only did a rotation.  So I let him do his theory too.  After switching out the tires, I drove him around for a test drive.  To his surprise, the car was still aligned properly!

When we returned, he gave me two choices.  Refund the $50 that I paid Ash for the alignment and keep the three year warranty or get my $140 back and lose the warranty.  Which do you like I chose?  You bet ya! 

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