My Little Anna is Growing Up!

Soojin’s friend from afar (Cypress, whoopi!) came to visit and so we spent the Labor Day at the Kemah Boardwalk!  There’s rides and such… but mostly for kids… OLDER kids.  I didn’t even think that JJ and Anna would even get on the merry-go-round! 

Turns out that I was right… half right!  Anna stepped up to the plate!  She was all excited with the merry go around!

JJ, as you can see in the pic, sat on the seat!  Oh well… he will come around.  Anna, on the other hand, even wanted to go on that aero flyer that goes pretty high and spins around fairly fast!    That’s my girl… she totally owned these rides!!  Hee…  No fear… except for the train ride while going through the wild west tunnels. 

She’s growing up… She enjoyed the rides, that’s for sure!

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