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Happy Ball Want Outside: Dog Learns To Communicate Using Custom Soundboard

https://geekologie.com/2019/11/happy-ball-want-outside-dog-learns-to-co.php These are several videos of speech-language pathologist Christine Hunger’s dog Stella using the custom soundboard she’s been training with since puppyhood to communicate. The board currently contains 29 different words that Stella has learned individually, which she can string … Continue reading

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The Water Is Already Low At A Florida Freshwater Spring, But Nestlé Wants More

https://www.npr.org/2019/11/08/776776312/the-water-is-already-low-at-a-florida-freshwater-spring-but-nestl-wants-more?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=news NestlĂ© wants to increase the amount of water it withdraws from Ginnie Springs to nearly 1.2 million gallons a day, to the dismay of environmental groups and local activists. (Image credit: Reagan Fink/WUFT) via NPR Topics: News https://ift.tt/2m0CM10 November … Continue reading

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