Woman Creates Apple AirPod Earrings To Prevent Losing Them


These are several shots of the ‘Airings’ made by artist Gabrielle Reilly to prevent losing her AirPods in the event they fall out of her ears, or she needs to remove them out briefly but doesn’t want to set them down (previously: these other novel solutions). She’s also taking $20 pre-orders if you’d like a pair for yourself, and they’re available in two styles: plain chain, or chain with cross. Granted they aren’t the most fashionable earrings I’ve ever seen, but I’m still on my to the mall to get my ears pierced at Claire’s anyways. "Do you even own AirPods?" I’m not even sure what AirPods are.
Keep going for a couple more shots.
Thanks to Christina D, who agrees the key to never losing your AirPods is having them surgically implanted, which there’s no doubt in my mind somebody is going to do — you watch.

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February 1, 2019 at 10:52AM

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