The Internet: Star Wars Theme Song Recreated Entirely With Sounds From New Porg Toys


Because the internet is going to internet whether it should or you want it to or not, this is a video of the Star Wars main theme recreated entirely using sounds from new Porg toys. I lasted 22 seconds before I started puking violently. Like, I burst blood vessels around my eyes violently. TRUE STORY: My girlfriend had never seen me puke before and a couple weeks ago I got sick and was having a real go at it in the kitchen sink and the look on her face — man, it was like she had just seen a ghost. BANGING ANOTHER GHOST. She said she thought for sure a demon was going to come out of me, which I’m fairly certain did happen.

Keep going for the video and try to beat my record.


Thanks but also kinda no thanks to carey, for exposing me to this.

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