Exposure on Radiation – Pun Intended

*Source: xkcd.com

With the Japanese nuclear power plant leaking radiation, many are concerned how that would affect us.  We ourselves and many families will be traveling to Japan and are concerned how that would be.  Rest assured that it’s not nearly as bad as most of us tend to think.

As Popular Science explains, we are exposed to far more amounts at other unsuspecting sources like using old CRT monitors and the insane amount on a flight from NYC to LA!!  Yikes.  So unless you walk into a nuclear plant, we have not that much to worry about.  Oh and there’s a rather great note at the bottom of the blue chart that states that cell phones generate ZERO radiation!!!


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  1. Truly, I am willing to bet that there will be more deaths due to the panic than with the actual radiation.

    Heck, there have been more accidents and deaths due to operation of windmills than with operation of nuclear plants.

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