Lunch with Anna & JJ

JJ's lunch

With some time left, I dropped by the kids’ school to have surprise lunch with them and got to hang out with some of their closest friends.  JJ took out 3 of his “Buddy Club” members – Ryan, Derek, and PJ.  Notice that it’s all guys.  Typical 6 year old.  And his “Buddy Club”‘s main purpose is to chase the girls during recess.  I kid you not.  Gotta be proud of the son!  LOL

Anna's lunch

After JJ’s lunch, Anna came out for her lunch.  She picked out Jennifer, a closest friend in her class and two boys!  You read that right… she chose two boys!  Don’t you worry, I think she just “allowed” them to join in the lunch because you and your friends can sit outside with the parent during the lunch.

Another thing I noticed is that both of my kids have broad mix of ethnic friends.  Those two boys are of Indian descent and Anna thought nothing of it.  One of JJ’s Buddy Club member is African-American (though I think the word “black” is not derogatory, I will use the PC word) and so I was very happy to see that both had healthy mix of friends.  I did not want them to be exclusive to just one group.

And as they grow up and narrow down on their list of friends, I noticed that it would be important to be in not just my kids’ lives but also their closest friends’ lives as well.  Last thing I want my kids to be grow to be are racists or some kind of “purists”.  Dang, who knew that so much attention had to be given in parenting!!

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  1. Excellent Peter! glad that you had the opportunity to spend sometime with your kids at school. Sounds like you learned a few things too….

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