Are you an overprotective parent or a neglectful dad?!

New Scientist Article

I just read this article and learned that the kids with over-protective parents and/or neglectful fathers grow up with slow brain growth!  😮  Wow… we all want to protect our kids… but with something like this, it does bring up a good counter point of when is a parent too protective?!

To think that my being overly protective can prohibit or slow my kids’ brain growth and development is shocking to say the least!  In the end, I am sure as a parent, we would want to choose safety over intelligence but if we can balance that well and not bind our own kids, we should make conscientious choice to do so… even if it’s only half true!

While I understand that many will display concern to avoid blame game, it does raise up a good point that when you overprotect a child, that child will become less and less involved in decision making process, let alone thinking for themselves… that’s the biggest factor/danger that any parent should be aware of…

Again, as a parent, if I had to choose between safety of my kids and their intelligence, I’d choose safety hands down… but if I can help it, I need to also learn to let go and let them start “walking on their own” whenever I can.

All of us Asians have gone through much of this in our childhoods, mine included, but since most of us came out decently (or so I tell myself :P), surely it isn’t the end of the world… 

It is however, very shocking to learn that NEGLECTFUL FATHTERS have equal impact on inhibiting the children’s mental development!! o_O I am more concerned about that…  Time to spend more time with my kids!!!!

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