Windows 7’s “XP Mode”


Of all the bad stunts that Microsoft has done in the past and present, this suprised even the likes of me by making me say things like “Wow… Microsoft is doing THIS?!  What happened?! They are actually doing stuff that seems *gasp* productive!”

The new and upcoming Windows 7, the successor to the-now-just-blah of Windows Vista, will have a very nice feature.  It’s called “XP Mode”!  This will actually run Windows XP.  This is great for gamers like me who still have loads of games that run only in XP.  This is great for people who use softwares that are pre-Vista years.  However, it’s not entirely “free”.  Here are some potential deal breakers…

  • Must have at least 2 GB of memory and a processor that is capable of virtualization
  • This add-on is available only to those with Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate variations

But still, this seems like a doable choice and a tempting way to entice people like me into it more.  Go Microsoft for once!!

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