Save “Chuck”!

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One of the cool shows of the recent years (unlike the stoopid “Lost”) is my new favorite, Chuck.  It’s a slightly comedic show on a nerd guy who becomes a CIA agent and carries the Intersect, the super secret data supercomputer, in his brain.

Even Soojin has been getting into the show.  It’s funny and it’s got the romance for the female audience.  Well, the show may get cancelled and not return from the second season.  All I have to say to that is “BOOOO!!”.  So with the power of the Internet and network sites, people have been rallying to save the show!!  Go do whatever you have to do to save the show!!  Please!!

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  1. ya know what else was a good show that nbc is throwing away? “kings” baby! that show is pretty good. too bad it’s going to the crapper too.

  2. Wow peter! How do you keep up with this blog with all the other social networking sites man?

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