Anna’s Piano Lessons

So with Anna’s diminishing interest in ballet/dancing, she drew interest in piano.

This past Wednesday marked her first tutoring lesson.  She was very excited to learn.  And the teacher was very good and got along great with Anna.  Our take on Anna’s learning to play piano isn’t so much that she would become a professional at it.  Far from it.  Actually, I hope she doesn’t.

We wanted her to learn music so that it would help her in getting through life.  I believe that music, among many other things, can give the person the ability to pull through tough times.  I wanted Anna to have that when things got tough and she needed a way to release her emotions and frustrations.

This also meant that I have to oversee her practicing it 15 minutes a day!  Yikes!  :O  But in the end, I hope she will be able to use it to help herself and others get through tough times of life.  Is that weird of me?

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  1. 15 minutes?! That’s it? When I started, I had to practice 30, and then it soon increased to 45. Anna’s lucky. Good to have musical background though. Every adult I know regrets: ) their parents not letting them learn piano, or 2) quitting piano.

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