Soojin and the Family in Korea: Update

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for Soojin and the kids. Soojin is feeling well enough that she can attend church, walk couple of blocks, and take the kids to the local library. 😀

Kids are enjoying themselves in Korea… eating all the Korean popsicles (JJ loves “Jaws bar” and Anna loves Lotte’s “Screw bar” – no jokes please). To keep them entertained, Anna has been loving piano lesson (which is mainly learning how to read notes) and both have just started on some kind of art/painting class. Both love that latter one so much that they don’t want to leave!

I also wanted to take this time to thank everyone that has offered meals and weekend “lodging”. PS was the first to buy me a meal when I returned (though his first words were, and I quote, “I missed you Peter! I had no one to pick on!” 😛 Then that weekend, John and Christine took me in for the Saturday, and though John is semi-vegetarian, he cooked me an awesome (medium-rare!) steak!  John and Joanne also invited me over for a meal and offered free room anytime I need it! Andrew also bought me an awesome meal at this nice Italian place near Galleria mall! Joanna has been also super about it… thanks for helping me discover awesome Mexican place! Chung & Celeste always offered meals & room and I would’ve taken their offer if it weren’t for them being over an hour’s drive away! 🙁 It’s great to know that you are taken care of…

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