Changes at work: CFD Lead Engineer

So since the predecessor at work left a year ago, I have pretty much picked up the slack.

However, it was assumed that the replacement would be not too far.  Well, the primary candidate failed.  The secondary possibility wanted too much money.  So in some sense, by default, I became the lead CFD engineer.  While that may not sound like I deserve it, I have done quite a bit.

While I may not be at liberty to say, I have enabled us to be capable of running a new CFD code now at work, while maintaining two relatively new projects going.  And I will be in charge of training two new guys.  The thing is that those two are higher in terms of levels than I am.  But my manager assured me that I am the lead.  In fact, I will be traveling to Huntington Beach next week as Houston CFD Focal to represent Houston.

Wow.  If you had told me that I’d be here now few years ago, I’d have laughed at you.  Don’t jump the gun and ask for free lunches or dinners ’cause while it is a “promotion”, there’s no pay increase…  at least not yet.  That means, more work for same pay.  Oh well.

I am thankful still, even if I am at where I am by default.  I really do enjoy what I do now.  I thank God for allowing me to get where I am today.  Ironic thing is that I had been thinking about possibilities of moving… but not so sure anymore.

Anyhow, I am getting busier at work so please understand if I don’t write back sooner than I’m used.  😛

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  1. HB next week? Maybe you can go to my grandma’s funeral for me. Then you can meet my entire family from dad to extended relatives. That’s a total of about 100 or so from the Ha family line. Don’t be ovewhelmed.

  2. Don’t be late for practice!

    And I noticed an unbuffed spot that you missed on the external fuel tank!

    Let’s get it together, Jang!

    (Oh ya, congrats on the promotion.)

    Now get back to work!

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