NASA’s Gen Y Perspective on NASA’s Future

Read and see the presentation that 4 young Gen Y people put together on NASA and where it needs to be from The Wired…

It’s true that most people, especially the current and younger Gen Y (born between 1977 and 2000) have no clue on space exploration or NASA, let alone be interested in pursuing a career in one.  I have always been interested in space and technology.  That is why I am in my current job as an aerospace engineer.  I am not in it for the money because I sure don’t make much money like a CPA, a lawyer, or a doctor.   I personally can’t see myself doing anything else either.  It’s as if God made me to be an engineer.  It really is a calling.

But if people don’t know of the possibilities of this calling’s existence to begin with, how is the new generation supposed to take over this vision of space exploration?!  Few days ago, I read an article by CNN|Money that stated that there will be heavy shortage of engineers in aerospace and defense industry.

Clearly, the higher powers in both the government and the corporations are doing something wrong.  It’s clear that they aren’t doing things right.  No one wants to be an engineer anymore because we clearly aren’t the most well-respected, let alone, well-paid, group of professionals.  Why become one when you can easily make more money being a lawyer, doctor, or be in financial industry?!

As these 4 young Gen Y people are showing, if the old entities like NASA and major (old school) corporations don’t adapt to the current generation and its mentality, things only look bleak from here.  I hope that the higher-powers-that-be  heed the warnings.

If you want to get the Powerpoint presentation of what these 4 young people put together, you can get it directly from here. 

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