Stanford’s Brave New Move

NPR reported on February 21st, that Stanford would waive tuition for students from middle class (parents’ income is less than $100,000 combined)!  And for those that are poorer still (less than $60,000 combined), even the room and board would be waived!!  :O

Wow.  That is an awesome news!!  If my kids want to go to college, they will either attend state school or Stanford!  😛  Assuming that they can get in of course!  In these times when college tuition alone soars well above $30,000 annually, this is a great news indeed!  I don’t know if Stanford will offer this when my kids are at that age, but I sure hope so!

A friend from yonder years, Mark Roh, said that he’d quit job if his kid(s) got into Stanford so that even the room and board would be paid for!!  LOL… that sounds like an awesome idea!!  Seriously, with the rise of inflation and things not going well, these are the kinds of brave new moves the educational institutions need to make!

Cheers to Stanford!

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